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Abramovich Lost This $175 Million Superyacht To His Billionaire Friend In Poker

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Roman Abramovich lost this $175 million superyacht to his billionaire buddy Eugene Shvidler in a game of poker. The 370 feet vessel has a large aquarium, two boats, and a landing craft with a Range Rover SUV.

Herewith lies a tale of friendship, wagers, and superyachts. As it goes with his flamboyance, Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich has been known to place a bet or two on his central strikers, who he frequently shuffles around at English Premiership soccer club, Chelsea FC. As the story goes, you will learn that he doesn’t deal too differently with his multi-million dollar possessions as well. And so goes the story of a 370-foot yacht called the Le Grand Bleu.
The slender mistress of the tides
Touted to be among the longest yachts in the world, the motor yacht was built by Bremer Vulkan in Germany and delivered in 2000. With a top speed of 17.0 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots, the Deutz-MWM diesel engine propels her angelically across the waters as she inspires a glint in many envious eyes.

With 10 staterooms to accommodate 20 guests and 35 crew members, she’s a delight to watch, let alone experience. The Le Grand Bleu was recently fitted with a wastewater treatment system so that it could reuse wastewater instead of dumping it into the ocean. This helped alleviate one of the many problems that shipping poses to the state of the oceans. That’s good karma on her part.

The elegance of the yacht should be attributed to Italian architect, Stefano Pastrovich. Stefano is among the more reputable names in the industry for the elegance of his designs. The interiors of the yacht are not modest by any stretch of the imagination.

The water toys of the Le Grand Bleu include a 22-meter Dubois sailing yacht, a couple of Buzzi sports boats, a Sunseeker motor yacht, and a landing craft that ferries a 4×4 Land Rover. All of these can be found in the massive garage of the yacht. That’s

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