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Prophet Bisi Olujobi: A Ministerial Time Bomb Waiting To Explode

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In the early hours of yesterday, a so-called man of God, Prophet Bisi Olujobi made headlines on some notable news platforms regarding his ‘prophetic’ declarations which talked about men of God in Nigeria.

‘Prophet’ Olujobi declared that the ministry of some fathers of faith will soon fold up and that God was the one who told him all this to tell the men of God that he mentioned. He said some of them will have a disgraceful end and that some need serious prayers.

While it is not harmful to discharge such a message as everyone has a freedom to speak, it is important to consider the motive behind this prophetic statement by this so-called man of God, was it a result of envy, publicity or God truly speaking?

The men of God Bisi Olujobi mentioned are highly respected men of God doing very well in their ministries unlike Olujobi who is still struggling with 200 church members despite setting up his church several years ago. God definitely has his way of communicating with them, they are still serving God diligently in their positions so if God even has a warning for them, it definitely cannot come from someone like Olujobi.

Of course, Olujobi may be pained or looking for publicity with his  controversial prophecy. He spoke on 2023 elections too and all he said were exactly what one of the men of God he attacked said, he only changed the words, he’s obviously confused because how can you say someone whose prophecy you copied will have a bad end in his ministry?

It’s so sad that our online platforms cannot be regulated, that’s why people like Olujobi can say anything and because of controversies, it makes headlines. Some even went as far as describing him as a ‘popular prophet’, who knows Bisi Olujobi? Nobody at all.

If Olujobi continues like this, he may be on his way to destruction, the bible has said ‘Touch Not My Anointed And Do My Prophet No Harm’, Olujobi is obviously going against God’s instructions and if he is not careful, he will face the wrath.

Except he amends his ways, Olujobi will end up being the one with a sad end.

Written By Olaleye Adekunle

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