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NAPPS is ready for court says President, Lawrence Holumidey

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The Ogun state NAPPS President; Dr Lawrence Holumidey appealed to the commissioner of education science and technology, Prof Abayomi Arigbabu at a pre resumption stakeholders meeting held yesterday at Lisabi grammar school hall to hasten up his discussion with the ministry of finance on land use and amenities charge within the next 2weeks as the supervisory body of all Private Schools in Ogun state. 

Dr Lawrence stressed that nothing should happen to private schools in Ogun state without the knowledge of the education ministry. He concluded that the state government will be taken to court without further delay to put an end to the more or less ageless suffering of Private Schools in the state in the name of multiple taxation if the efforts of the commissioner failed to yield positive results.

Dr Lawrence Holumidey, who is the proprietor of Paragon International Schools said his association had written an official letter of complain to the state government, through the ministry of finance and education. Same document was coped the attorney general of the state and this should be enough to signal that we are up to something. Ordinary political statement like; don't worry, we shall talk to the boys would not be enough this time around.

He stressed. We must get to know our fate as educational institutions of which that same law exempted from the payment of land use and amenities charge of Ogun State.

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