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IPAC Southwest Lambast Ladi Adebutu Over Meeting With G-75 Oba Coronet

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The Southwest chapter of Inter Party Advisory Council has condemned the visit of representatives of embattled G-75 Ogun coronet Obas visit to a leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state and a former member of the House of Representatives  Hon. Ladi Adebutu on Sunday.

IPAC speaking through its Chairman, Southwest, Abayomi Arabambi said the visit negate the sanctity of traditional institution, calling on the PDP leaders in the South West and the State in particular to call Hon Adebutu to order so as not to cause chaos in the State.

Hon Arabambi who specifically writes Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde and the Minority Chief Whip in the House of Representatives, Hon Abdel-Majid Adesegun Adekoya and other leaders of PDP in the Zone described the visit as an attempt to destabilize Ogun State and create chaos by Hon. Ladi Adebutu.

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For the attention of: 
(1).His Excellency , Governor 'Seyi Makinde. 

(2). Ambassador Arapaja 
The Deputy National Chairman South 

Rt Hon Abdel-Majid Adesegun ADEKOYA( Minority whip House Of Representatives

Bar (Hon)  Taiwo Shote ( PDP National Executive Council Member)

Hon Dr Sikirulahi Ogundele (Chairman PDP Ogun State)

Prince Leke Shittu ( Secretary PDP Ogun State)

Mr Segun Showunmi


The attention of the inter Party Advisory Council southwest chapter was drawn to some certain news intercepted from multiple angles in some online medium with respect to the clandestine negative politically motivated visit of Politically portfolio Government Opposition G -75 Coronet Obas to Hon Oladipupo Adebutu. Information at my disposal was that the G-75 coronet oba request to visit   the immediate past Ogun State Governor , Sen Ibikunle Amosun was vehemently rejected for security and Political consideration , his Excellency Sen Ibikunle Amosun equally told the G-75 coronet Oba that he can't be seen pushing for any divisive means  against his successor administration that hence thier vouryage to visit Hon Oladipupo Adebutu instead .

We in the South West IPAC has all long considered the unethical , toxic and weird politics Hon Oladipupo Adebutu has been devoted to within Ogun State PDP as strictly internal and private to PDP in Ogun State and of no concern to SOUTH WEST IPAC but now that LADO has chosen to extend his political weirdness outside the PDP in Ogun State to escalate into troubling and threatening the wellness and peace in the social and political space of our politically very peaceful State, it has become the duty of INTER PARTY ADVISORY COUNCIL , in the interest of peaceful opposition politics to discourage Hon. Ladi Adebutu's irresponsible ways in the name of opposition politics now threatening the tradition of fine politics of decorum and integrity . 

This negative trend as represented by LADO must not , shall not and can not be tolerated in the Gateway State.  Hon Adebutu was widely reported to have played host to the unrecognized 75 coronet Obas yet litigating for recognition by the State Government in Ogun State.

 In the course of the gathering, LADO in his address made several statements capable of causing the breach of the peace in the State .

The statements credited to him as a representation of the Ogun PDP position and views for all intents and purposes depicted attempts and aims at rendering the State ungovernable and thus facilitate a great crisis in the State.

 Of course , this is a great source of worry and concern to the citizens and politicians and the political parties  in the State including the rulling All Progressive Congress (APC).The South West IPAC shares the prevailing feelings as the barometer of public opinion points that this one irresponsible and reckless political conspiracy being hatched by the open scheming to create a forced civil rebellion against the sitting Government of Governor Dapo Abiodun MFR.

 It is at this juncture very advisable for the true leadership of Ogun PDP to put every ounce of available political intelligence and diplomacy into trying to nip this political rascally in check immediately.

Delibrate incitement and igniting civil disorderliness in this otherwise so relatively peaceful State is not in the interest of the PDP in Ogun State not in the interest of the opposition Political Parties. This very dangerous politics should be totally considered a great disservice to the memory of the past dead heroic leaders of PDP in Ogun including the late Senator Prince Buruji ably represented by the head of Late Sen Prince Buruji Kashamu Political dynasty in person of Bar Hon  Taiwo Shote and the State Secretary Prince Leke Shittu.

The duo are hereby advise to uphold the principle and tenet of the late Political icon so that the spirit of the dead will be at peace with them while those living will praise them for standing by the believe of late SPBK in making PDP a better and formidable Political Party .

Further more and the present Peace - compliant leader in person of  the most Senior Political office holder Rt Hon Abdel-Majid Adesegun ADEKOYA must as a matter of urgency call an all inclusive emergency meeting with Chief Segun Showunmi  to salvage  their party from imminent collapse and extinction while other members of the Exco who have not lost reason under the Leadership of Hon Dr Sikirulahi Ogundele must be bold to take urgent and proactive measures to arrest the negative drift .

 We refrain from repeating all the inciting statements of LADO in his said address at the conspiratorial meeting with the troubled Obas for the sake of decency.
The expectations of the majority is that rather than fueling crisis , Lado should have tried to diplomatically facilitate a way towards finding an acceptable solution to the matter at hand.

 It is a foregone conclusion that a case in an ongoing Appeal in the Court can not in anyway be considered as won or settled until the final Court ruling. A toxic ambition can hugely hinder rational thinking.

 No competent and intelligent Politician ought to allow his ambition continue to give himself the image of a worthless addition to the political class , even if such Politician has failed in almost all the departments of objectivity , moral , conscience and principle . No one can successfully purse a State Governorship ambition with an embarrassingly high level of bitter and corrosive impunity bordering on recklessness and rascality.

 Though being sinfully rich doesn't confer intelligence as a corollary , it is a matter of class and integrity for a man who pursues a Governorship  ambition to avoid being too cheap and ordinary in the department of intelligence , else if such a third class unfit politician should mistakenly become a State Governor , even the animals in such State will be eternally ashamed.

It is well known truth that even as at this moment , he Ladi Adebutu still clearly carries dual membership of the APM and in PDP.

For the South West PDP Leadership to fully understand why Adebutu is threading this his obviously highly dangerous support for the floating and unofficial Obas appointed by the immediate past Government of Senator Ibikunle Amosun , some nine days to his last day in office was because the selections of these litigating 75 Obas were strongly opposed to, by the most senior Obas who are the four paramount rulers in Ogun State . 

Those Amosun selected 75 coronet Obas yet unrecognized by the Ogun State Government were the lilliputian political paws of the immediate past administration who are today being bank - rolled and courted by Ladi Adebutu to cause civil unrest. 

Some even say this deadly conspiracy involving Adebutu and the seventy - five unrecognized Obas is aimed at overthrowing the constitutional Government of Prince Dapo Abiodun.

 It is beyond all and any kind of doubt that PDP through Ladi Adebutu is now seen by this laid - back approach to politics as trying to by all and any means weave an elaborate scheme to send Ogun State Political space  into a tail ,- spin of immense civil unrest.

Believing that some compromise in ethics as back - end payoff in politics as an end that justifies the means is hypocrisy and very detestable in the extreme.

As a strong piece of advice to the South West PDP under the dutiful Leadership of His Excellency Governor 'Seyi Makinde , should begin to see the need to quickly get PDP as a party out and away from the ongoing scheming to destabilize Ogun State.

The Ogun State Commissioner of Police is here being appealed to  keep the police on red alert , start to monitor the activities of these Obas and Ogun PDP stalwart with a view to nip in the bud any attempt that may lead to civil unrest in the State . It is of course taken that anyone who does or cause to be done any act in contravention of the extant provisions of the Law of Ogun State or Nigeria should be quickly arrested and made to face prosecution .

Meanwhile , SOUTH WEST IPAC wants to advise the State Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR , as the Chief Security officer of the State to employ and use all the available constitutional means to uphold the trust and the mandate freely given to him by the electorate in Ogun State with a view to discourage any one or set of Politicians and or group of people from engaging in crude and illegal means to short -cut a way into actualizing an over- ambitious aspiration towards the Governor's seat outside the ballot box . 

Finally the interest of IPAC in all these is to sustain an atmosphere of peace in the politics of Ogun State and 5 other states in South West.

Comrade Gentleman Arabambi Abayomi

Chairman Emeritus Ogun IPAC and South West Nigeria.

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