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Comedian Isbae U Buys Mansion In Lagos

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2021 ended on an interesting note for comedian and skit maker Isbae U who has just joined the list of proud homeowners in Lagos.

The humour merchant posed for the camera at the balcony of his newly acquired mansion.

Isbae U gave thanks to almighty Allah for making the acquisition possible as a friend captured the priceless moment on camera.

“Alhamdullilahi � �

“I am the most grateful and joyful man on Earth, I really cracked my head for a beautiful message to compose here cuz I really want to tell y’all my story, but all I end up coming up with is “Tor Alhamdullilahi” in 2021 they were good and bad days, but Everyday Was Alhamdullilahi Day �� �

“I really wish my Mum was Alive to give me a pat on my back, pray for me and tell me how much she’s proud of me but I can only say Thank You ��, Thank You God, I so grateful � I wanted it and God made it possible , Yes I am the guy Who literally Bought a house with with all his last card

“I am so grateful to everyone who has supported and pushed me in getting to where I am today in one way or the other, I thank God for Everyone of you that have featured ,watch and shared my skits, I thank God for my Strong, supportive and Amazing Dad

“Today I say a Big Alhamdullilahi as I enter a New year, 2022 We go again for better, Insha Allah.”

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