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I am indeed overwhelmed by the show of love and our citizens appreciation of our modest efforts and this has encouraged me further in the service of our fatherland, Nigeria, to the people of Ogun State and especially my Federal Constituency, Ijebu-North/Ijebu-East/Ogun Waterside. 

The unrelenting commitments of our youth, students, women and men gave me a renewed hope that our citizens do recognize performance and delivery of Democratic dividends when they see one, and this has increased my abiding faith in our nation’s democracy. 

Many of our citizens who sat all through the process of selection, monitoring and voting and the widespread publicity and awareness created to making sure that as many people as possible were able to cast their votes for their chooses candidates as the Most Outstanding Member of House of Representatives in Ogun State.

The significance of this vote and award selection process excites me because they speak to the idea of anonymous and heterogeneous population who recognised the amount of sacrifices and creativity that we put into governance. It was a blind votes for the number of projects which we have attracted to all the 32 wards of our federal constituency and other parts of Ogun State; it was a vote for the many bills that we sponsored on the floor of the National Assembly; they were of course votes to endorse the *Ago-Iwoye City Stadium,* the one-in-town *Orimolusi Palace,* *Imushin-Ajina Shopping Mall,* *International Infertility and Maternity Hospital,* the *CARDIOTHORACIC CENTRE* (first if its kind in Nigeria) at the Federal Medical Centre in Abeokuta; the confirmation of the many on-going Bridges, Roads, Boreholes, Markets opening of Rural Earth Road projects in all the three local governments of our Federal Constituency, *Ultra Modern Jetty,* Community Centres, Schools and Health facilities rebuilding projects, Empowerment, Employment and Training of our dear youths. 

I assure every of our citizens not to disappoint you because this endorsement which culminated on the Amebo awards has fired my spirit to be their for you at all times.

I salute the courage and resilience of most of our youth who spent ceaseless nights keeping vigil over the endorsement process; I encouraged many of them not to relent in their efforts by showing more than just a passing interest in their political environment. 

I say a very big Thank You to the publishers of the Amebo Online Newspaper. This creative process of recognising performance of political office holders serves as a great encouragement to many of us.

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