Prophetess Teleola Martha Oganla Donates Charity Bridge To Otere Luwoye Community, Ogun State. - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Prophetess Teleola Martha Oganla Donates Charity Bridge To Otere Luwoye Community, Ogun State.

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......Urges Nigerians to inbibe in the spirit of giving back to the society through charity organisation 

By Solanke Ayomideji Taiwo 

The founder of Teleola Martha Christian Organisation, Prophetess Teleola Ladipo Oganla, British Empire Medalist has donated a motorable overhead bridge to Otere Luwoye community in Ogun state today Saturday 11th of December 2021.
She charged Nigerians to ensure they assist less privileged people through rendering of assistance one way or the other most especially as a charity organisation, the role is to make people in needy laugh and rekindle their hopes.

Teleola Martha Christian Organisation was established six years ago with lots of achievable records of touching lifes through empowerment and human capital development in Nigeria. 

"When I returned to Nigeria, holy Spirit ministered to me to give any community lacking water a pipe borne water in which someone informed me of Otere Luwoye, a village under Obafemi Owode local government and I swiftly implemented Gods direction to the community." Said Prophetess Teleola Ladipo Oganla 

She also constructed an overhead bridge at Otere Luwoye village to assist the dwellers to transporting their farm output to the market for selling, the bridge will also bring more development to the village.

The official commisioning of the bridge which cost nothing less than 4,800,000 was done today Saturday 11th of December 2021 in the presence of Oba Nojeemdeen Eyiowuawi Aromaye, The Oniro of Iroland among other important dignitaries in the community, where a plot of land was donated to the foundation to build school to enable the children to study under a serene environment.

Oba Nojeemdeen Aromaye, also urged the state government to remember Otere Luwoye village in their infrastructure projects as it would bring more developmental growth to the entire community, while he also charged the indigenous son and daughters of Obafemi Owode local government to remember where they all come from and develop it with companies and other investment projects. 

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