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Please Help Me Judge, Is My Fiancee A Wife Material Or Not, Nigerian Cries Out:

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I'm a young hard work guy who's planning to settle down someday. I have a girlfriend whom I have gone to see her family with my own family , as in, we have done our introduction, what was remaining was for us to fix a date for our wedding.

But this girl started showing some nasty attitude. There was a day she came to spend weekend with me and I gave her some money to buy some food stuffs to cook, that day i received the greatest shocke of my life , my fiancee warmed me never to send her message like that again that she is not my slave.

As if that was not enough. Another day she came to spend some days with me but when she got to my house I was not at home that day. She went to the bathroom to get some shower but unfortunately there was no water running in the bathroom because we didn't had light for 2days so we couldn't pump water. Normally when there's no water like that we usually fetch from the next compound. Though I live in a room and parlour self contain with water running in my kitchen and bathroom.

To cut the long story short, my fiancee refused to fetch water for herself to take her shower. She had to call me on phone to come home and fetch water for her to take her shower. When I eventually got home at late hour, I took the bucket went to fetch water for her to bath just for peace to rain. I later asked her why she had to call me to come and fetch water for her to bath knowing fully well that I was not around. She said in her house, she does not fetch water that her dad usually call Aboki's and buy water from them. She told me that she can't leave a suffering life of having to fetch water, she can never do it.

Please is this a good sign or bad sign to watch out for?

- NL/Richdoh

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