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I Suspected My Wife Was Cheating, I Set Her Up, Nigerian Man Narrates:

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Here is my true story!

It started early this year when I sensed that my wife I dated for 12years before marrying her maybe cheating on me.

My wife is a fashion designer, it happens that a particular number was calling her frequently and it was a male voice.

Each time her phone rang from this particular number at night, she will give the caller an excuse that she was busy and instruct him to call in the morning. After dropping the call, I would expect her to tell me who called but I noticed she usually abscond from discussing on it, so I wouldn't bother her or give her the reason to suspect I am not comfortable with her call.

Been a gentleman, I had never raised a hand on my wife even in our courtship. I always avoid arguments because it may lead to some uncertainties in our marriage so I need a enough evidence before unleashing the beast in me.

One fateful day, I over heard her telling the same caller "REMEMBER I AM MARRIED". That night I couldn't hold myself I vowed to double my lead in finding out who my wife was crushing on.

I made some contacts from experts and they billed me huge amount to record the callers conversation with my wife.

To cut the story short, I bought exact phone with my wife and one day I pretend as if I mistakenly took hers instead of mine, I took her phone to the technical gurus and something was installed, all my wife's call is now been recorded.

Within a space of days I replayed her conversation with the caller, behold it was her customer. The man is a Keke Rider and always have chance at night. All these while, my wife who is a professional tailor was sawing ashoebi cloths for his wife to be. The man is the one footing the bills and he is paying it gradually hence the conversation.

I was shocked, I became speechless. One day the man called again after she dropped the call I jokingly told her who called you abi na your catch? She replied "Godforbid baby while should you say things like that, I no Igbo tradition more than you do, any married man that sleeps with another man is bringing untimely death to her husband, I don't want to be widow she replied emotionally". I tendered her an apology and regretted why I allowed my emotions to judge my woman wrongly.

Since after this incident I concluded that many broken home today maybe as a result of lack of trust and communication.

As many innocent people are in prison for what they know nothing about so is many family broken for no just reasons.

If I don't have the money to track that caller I could have concluded that my wife is cheating on me and sent her packing.

May God give us the wisdom to manage our home!

- NL/FamilyAdviser

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