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I Gave My Husband A Dirty Slap, Help Me, Nigerian Woman Cries Out:

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My husband and I have not had the best relationship. The past two years has been really tough for us, we've had to struggle to make this marriage work. Although we have two kids, My husband talks down on me all the time.

He calls me an ordinary female, a useless creation and believes he owns me. He believes women should not have a freewill and are properties to their husbands. He calls himself my Alpha and omega. I sometimes wish he would hit Me rather than say all sorts to me.
Last week he started as usual. He called me names and Went on to talk about how he would teach me a lesson someday. I really don't know what came over me. I slapped him.

I s.wear it wasn't intentional, I didn't mean to hit him. I thought he would hit me back but he did not. It's been a whole week and he acts like nothing happened. He goes about playing with the kids , he greets me and makes sure we have food to eat too , but it is so unlike him.

My husband always reports to my parents. He tells them everything I do wrong and they always end up calling a meeting. But this time he's silent , he doesn't want sex too which Is so unlike him. I don't know what to do , I feel like he's planning to hurt me really big. I want to call my parents but everyone would blame me. How do I tell the world I slapped my husband?

- NL

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