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Guys, How Do You Handle A Freeloader Neighbor? Nigerian Cries Out:

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I'm completely fed up with my neighbour that sees my munificence/beneficence as stupidity.

He screwed himself up due to his improvidence and gallivanting lifestyle, he's a pain in my neck right now.

He's married, his wife has been sharing my cooking gas with me for over three months now since his own was taken away as sequestration.

I'm a salary earner, he's a bike rider, but due to his unseriousness he doesn't have his own bike, dude is a drifter.

I'm thinking of leaving the place because this whole thing is insufferable, his wife isn't helping as well, maybe due to immaturity, all she does is cook, eat and play.
Frugality is one of my 2022 new year resolutions, I don't want anything or anyone to interfere with my life next year.

We both agreed to fill the gas together, but he doesn't contribute much, I end up spending twice than the usual amount before.

These people have benefited so much from me because they know I'm a cheerful giver, they collect almost everything from me including money, I really don't want spongers in my life next year.

I've advised him countless times to look for another alternative, but he's hard of hearing with his lackadaisical altitude.

My biggest concern right now is how to withdraw myself completely without causing enmity between us because we're really close, yesterday I put my cooking gas inside before going to work against the usual act of giving them everyday when I'm leaving for work. None of this shit will happen if I'm married, but I'm single.

Does withdrawing myself from them make me a bad person? This is a serious dilemma, I'm at my wit's end.

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