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Businessman Narrates His Experience After Renting A Bakery In Abule-Egba, Lagos

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“One day received a call from the police that I should come to Abule-Egba police station. That something happened at my bakery. A bakery I had shut down for bout a year. So I called my former driver who “made” me rent the bakery there in the first. Next tweet gets more interesting

He reminds me of when we had arrived at the bakery one time to find “sacrifice” outside the bakery door and I told him to throw it away? I recalled. So backstory- I decided to go into bakery business in Lagos island and was looking for a bakery to rent.

My driver convinced me to go to Abule-Egba because it was “cheaper” and he could help me manage it cos he lived there. I st*pidly agreed. I rented an old bakery there, renovated it and evicted the bakers that used the old bakery. One of them, a one eyed man told me that I’d regret my action.

One day before the opening I arrived  to find dry corn, bloody feathers and other stuff outside the front door. My driver tried to prevent me from entering. I told him to throw everything away- no be me Benin boy dem go use sacrifice chase comot

Anyways, I started running the bakery. Problems after problems. Not because of any d*mn sacrifice but because a. I had no business being in the business. B. I always preach excel sheet right? I hadn’t started practicing what I preached. C. My driver was a nuisance. So I closed it

Fast forward to almost a year later I receive that call from the Police. Called my driver and asked what he knew about the bakery. He said well since I had paid the rent for two years and I abandoned the place he kept running it... but “ehn three people had d*ed in the compound.”

“And So the tenants of the compound went to babalawo to find out why”. Babalawo told them that the juju they set for me was being starved because I abandoned the place. That since the juju couldn’t eat my progress it was eating the people around there”.

He now added that the babalawo has asked for me but he was afraid to call me... so the compound people went to the police to make them call me so I can go to the babalawo to tell me what to do. I said to tell me whaaat???”

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