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100-Days-In-Office: Polytechnic S.U.G President, Gabriel Abiola Francis Highlights Achievement In Office

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The student union president of D.S.Adegbenro ICT POLYTECHNIC, Itori-Ewekoro, Ogun State, Comrade Gabriel Abiola Francis popularly known as SOLUTION has highlighted his achievements in office for the past 100 days he assumed office as the student representative today 27th of December, 2021.

According to the press release made available to Amebo Newspaper NG, he stated below as his achievements so far so good.


Permit me to start my sincere appreciation to Almighty God and to the management of the noble institution under the able leadership of the Ag. Rector Mr Job Kehinde Olatunji, the Dean's, HOD's, the Student Affairs' Officer, Lecturers, other staffs, Pacesetters Student Activist movement, the honourable Speaker of the Union Rt. Hon Amos Yusuf Abolaji and to every single student of D S Adegbenro ICT polytechnic Itori. I have been shape by love, correction and advice of Dsapites, have learn from various groups that constituted the members of this academia community.
Since my assumption into the office as the President of our noble Union especially by those by virtue of the placement of my course, we met, brainstorm, disagree to agree and share ideas on all socio- economy and political spheres of humans including that of this academy society on how socio-development cum qualitative education with facilities in our school will be more than mirage under the formal and informal gatherings. I have learnt from you all and I will keep learning since learning is a life process.

 It is with great pleasure and happiness that we celebrate our 100 days in office as the Students'Union executive for the 2021/2022 academic session in this great citadel of learning.

About 100 days ago, when I took the oath of office as the Students' Union President of D S Adegbenro ICT polytechnic, I set a goal. I shared that goal in my inaugural speech. The major thrust of that goal is to restore DSAPSU to a place of pride. I did not dwell on the negatives then, I remain positive even now. I spoke about my campaign trail and what the people had told me.

Hope is a great value to have. But hope is about things you have not seen and as one writer said, ‘hope is better served as breakfast’. When promises are made, it is so that people may believe something good will come in the future. So, campaign season is always a period of making promises, of feeding hope. But as people say, “dry smoked fish is delicious, but what is one to eat before the fish is smoked?” Yes, it is good to have hope, but it is better to see promises fulfilled.

I have chosen to document our accomplishments not because I intend to boast. Rather, I am going on record so the good student of this noble institution can place my campaign promises alongside my actions, and so they can reference the documentation and judge for themselves whether they are true or not. While at the same time, answering the all-important question they must keep asking at regular intervals over the next year: Did we make the right choice?

Indeed, the bedrock of all my engagements has been transparency, accountability and inclusivity. I have come forward with clean hands.

Permit me, therefore, to put on record some of the promises my administration has kept in the last 100 days  in areas of development.

Despite that the school has been on vacation a month after our sworn in. As of today, being the 100th day in office, we present to you all the successful achievements of the SUG EXECUTIVES.. 

1 :- Reduction of school cab transport fee.

2:-  Agitation against manual results checking which brought the development of result checker App so as to avoid harassment in any forms from the staff to the student.

3 :-Waiver of two Carry over for all graduating students so as to reduce mass failure.

4 :- Good representation in both the institution and outside. 

5 :- Request and agitation on student welfarism which leads to the ongoing set of chairs project going on in the institution. 

6 :- Quick intervention on issue regards indigene and the student so as to maintain peace.

7 :- Re-open of SUG Ventures which have been shot down since 2017. a million naira project

8 :- Creation of games center with; snooker, ludo, local game( Ayo olopon) , PS 3 at the Sug building.

9 :-Visitation and collaboration with all security agencies within the environment. 

10 :- Agitating against increment in tuition fee and all fees  by 5% service charges which has been achieved.
11 :-  Request and agitation on quick mobilization of our bonafide graduated Prospective Corps Members ( PCMs). 

12 :- Agitation for quick release of school academic calendar. 

13 :- Request to put a stop to writing 2  exam papers per day.

14:- Agreement on deferment on admission by students who are not financially stable.

15:- Request for quick release of result.

These and many more unmentioned, we have successfully accomplished in our bid to serve the entire student populace of this great institution all within our 100 days of stay in office.

Once again, Our profound gratitude goes to the entire students for all your undying support and solidarity since inception till now. 

I restate my commitment to increasing and improving the fortunes of of of D S Adegbenro ICT polytechnic Students' Union.

Conclusively, we want to urge us all to compose ourselves and to remain law abiding members of the polytechnic community as we are civilized as well as intellectual warriors of the ivory tower.

Great DSAPITES be rest assured that we are fully ready to serve you and nothing can hinder us from doing so at all times.





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