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Three Things Happening Towards Anambra Election That Primate Ayodele Prophesied

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Anambra election which will be happening tomorrow Saturday 6th of November, 2021 has brought so much tension in the state. Infact, the election has shown to be one that is unpredictable due to the circumstances surrounding it.

During an election period like this, we hear prophets prophesying and saying what people should expect in the election but this particular election came in with a different aura. Unlike before, only one prominent prophet, Primate Ayodele, has spoken about the election consistently.

As a matter of fact, a search on ‘prophecy on Anambra election’ on google shows no other prophecy except that of Primate Ayodele which means only a prophet who knows his onions can delve into the matter.

Primate Ayodele has said several things about the election but his last statement seems to call more attention as it talked on how the winner of the election will emerge and some of the things that will happen.

On October 1, Primate Ayodele revealed that a candidate will be kidnapped. Barely two days after, the candidate of the labour party was kidnapped and till today, he has not been found.

Also, Primate Ayodele had said that the candidate of the PDP should try to form a coalition with other parties in order to have a chance at the election. Earlier today, news broke out that the labour party has collapsed its structure into PDP to ensure victory for candidate of the PDP, Valentine Ozigbo.

Last month, Primate Ayodele raised a prophetic alarm and asked the government and INEC to dialogue with the independent people of biafra (IPOB) for safety during the election. Just yesterday, the IPOB made a release that they have called off the sit-at-home order after consultations and appeals by some political elders in the state.

Meanwhile, in his latest statement, Primate Ayodele specifically said that three days to the election, there will be some developments that will come up. Exactly as he said, IPOB called off sit-at-home order, Labour Party adopted PDP candidate, these are fulfilment of primate ayodele’s prophecy.

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