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Boomplay To Hold Grand Finale Of Campus Music Star On Thursday

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Africa’s biggest streaming platform, Boomplay will be holding the grand finale of Campus Music Star on Thursday, 25th of November 2021 in Lagos.

Campus music star is a musical talent hunt packaged by Boomplay to produce the next biggest artiste in the Nigerian music industry. The 2021 edition which is the maiden edition started in October with the submission of over 2,000 entries from different tertiary institutions in Nigeria after which the best 10 entries were picked to battle for the first position on Thursday.

According to the marketing manager of Boomplay Nigeria, Afuape James, Boomplay Campus Music Star was borne out of the need to help discover talents in Nigerian universities. He noted that there are several talents in tertiary institutions but they find it difficult to groom themselves due to the pressure from academics, thereby neglecting their talents.

Due to this, Boomplay Nigeria began an intentional mission in October to discover music talents by physically going to Ten Nigerian Universities starting from University Of Ibadan.

‘’The boomplay campus music star is a nationwide university campaign, we decided to go into universities in order to pick students that are musically talented and give them a platform to showcase their talent. We started in October with UNIBADAN and went to ten universities in Nigeria physically’’

‘’The idea behind this is that we realized university students have a lot of talents but parents are always after their education hereby neglecting their talents. We have students who are talented in different areas not just in music alone so the idea is to tap into this, discover talents in universities, give them the opportunity to showcase these talents, get judges that are musically inclined, pick the best and give them to us to promote’’

The General Manager Boomplay Nigeria, Kadiri Ibrahim noted that Boomplay is contributing massively to the Nigerian society by making another music star with the Campus Music Star campaign. He revealed the selected 10 music talents out of 2000 flew into Lagos on Saturday and since then, they have been receiving lectures on the music industry and preparing them for the grand finale.

‘’We are contributing to society by making another music star. We had about 2000 entries, we had judges that streamed them down to 500 then to 10, it was a rigorous process. Every one of them are talented but we tried to pick the especially talented ones. The best 10 flew into Lagos on Saturday and We have been talking to them, lecturing them about the music industry, and we are preparing them for the grand finale. Next year is going to be very big, a lot of brands are talking to us to be part of it, we are looking forward to making it bigger’’

Furthermore, one of the contestants, Opeyemi Precious from University Of Calabar expressed gratitude to Boomplay Nigeria while affirming that they have all been treated like royalties since they flew into Lagos a few days ago.

 ‘’My experience has been great to be honest, this is my first time witnessing this from the plane ride, to the hotel, I have been spoiled and I’m happy about it. Yesterday we met professionals and our eyes were opened, I learnt a lot of things from a lot of people, it’s been informative. I felt really happy when I was selected because I never expected it’’

In the same vein, Afolayan David, a student of UNIBADAN said he didn’t believe in the contest when requests for entries came in but was left surprised by how things turned out.

‘’ When the request for entries came in, I wasn’t thrilled because I had doubts but I gave it a try, I got people to vote for me and here we are. The experiences have been so sweet, they have been giving us first class treatment’

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