Giwa Azury debunks rumours of crisis rocking Egbe Obayori-Kuye. - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Giwa Azury debunks rumours of crisis rocking Egbe Obayori-Kuye.

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Giwa Egbe Obayori Okunrin Akile Ijebu (Kuye), Giwa Alhaji Surajudeen Adesina Lasisi has debunked the rumours on the social media that all is not well with Egbe Obayori (Kuye), that he and some members of the Egbe are having face-off.

In a statement personally signed and obtained by the press, Giwa Azury described the statement by the blogger as senseless and appalling.

My attention has been drawn with appalling shock the senseless statement, "Fresh crisis rocks Egbe Obayori Demorin Kuye as X1 Threatens to remove Giwa", series of misconceptions, propaganda and whispering by a pseudo blogger and senseless social media influencer, Odubena Kunle, released to the press, generally expressing disaffection in our egbe and making some outright allegations, all having the effect of destabilising and sending wrong signals to the public about the state of affairs in Egbe Obayori Okunrin Akile Ijebu (Kuye). 

"Oordinarily, one would have ignored the spurious propaganda and whispering by this unscrupulous, jobless, nonentity, mediocrity and redundant individual (of which I am sure the press and general public will ignores), but it is necessary to set the records straight on this misconceptions as they do not portray the status and class of our revered egbe. 

"I want to make it loud and clear that there is no time any member(s) of my Egbe ever proposed, planned, contrived, or connivance to remove me from office as Giwa Egbe Obayori Okunrin Akile Ijebu (Kuye). It is outrageous and unthinkable for anyone to assumed or termed a deliberation over the progress of our egbe as a crisis. Just because we had a disagreement on certain issues  doesn't mean we are having crisis we need to relearn that in our society. It is the figment of imagination of the originator of the story.

Giwa Azury said pointedly, “I do not see any reason why I would be having a face-off with any member of my age group. Giwa Egbe Obayori Okunrin Akile Ijebu (Kuye) alleged that the propaganda and whispering  emanated from a sniveling nincompoop. 

"Myself, Akogun Wale Anomo, Ganiu Abiola Jagunna (X1) and other well respected leaders of our egbe were all working towards building a standard for the egbe. I am not at loggerhead with anybody. All members of our egbe are working towards a goal as one united family.

"As a reputable traditional and cultural organization established with the royal proclamation by the Awujale & The Paramount Ruler Of Ijebuland, Alaiyeluwa Oba (Dr) Sikiru Kayode Adetona, CFR, JP. Ogbagba ll, under the patronship of Hon. Ademorin Aliu Kuye, MHR, our egbe will remained focused and determined towards the progress, emancipation and development of our members and Ijebu land generally.

"We would not give room for anybody to sow seeds of discord, disaffection, public mudslinging, press sensationalism, image depreciation and generation of negative centrifugal energies to our egbe.

In his words, our egbe is progressing in leaps and bounds due to the concerted, diligent and unrelenting commitment of the our members.

"The Giwa-In-Council and the Council of Chiefs assures the general public that there is peace, progress, development, advancement and spectacular breakthrough in Egbe Obayori Okunrin Akile Ijebu (Kuye).

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