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Am I Wicked Or Did I Do The Right Thing?, Nigerian Asks:

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There is this my neighbor wife that is annoying me.

The story

I have a 3kg cooking gas cylinder that I used to fill regularly when I finished it up while cooking and they have their own too 5kg.

When their own finishes they will be using my own for a day or two before they refill their own with my permission when they asked for it which I consider a normal stuff and I don’t have problem with it since the money to refill is not my problem.

But for two months now when the gas price went up I have been noticing some stupid shit coming from the wife where she will rush to my own gas to cook and she didn’t even ask for permission again and she consider it normal since I don’t use to talk.

They don’t even fill their gas anymore and I am the one filling my own gas to cook for the whole house the thing I normally used for a 3-4 weeks now I must fill every Saturday amount to 1800# and I am tired of this shit and I don’t want to hurt them by insulting the woman because they consider me the good guy.

I will have to wait to cook on my own gas for them to finish silly.

So I just refill the 3kg for 1950# in my area and before I even cook anything they’ve started using it and it annoyed me and I released the gas to the air to empty cylinder when she gone out to her work.

As usual she has bought what she wanted to cook in the night and went straight to the gas to cook and she noticed it has empty and there is no option again. So I have decided not to fill the gas again for like a month because things are hard and the price for the gas kept going up.

Am I wicked

- NL

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