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Barr Chris Ezem: The EFCC Go Between Who Hates Abia State

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this interview/article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the editorial policy of this medium. 

In this piece, a group under the aegis of Abia Integrity Group alleged the current secretary of Abia State Government, Barr Chris Ezem of greasing the palms of EFCC officials to truncate several matters on Abia Stare before the Commission. 

The statement titled “Barr Chris Ezem: The EFCC go between who hates Abia State” reads: Bar Chris Ezem is the current secretary to Abia State Government. He carries an aura of an unassuming lawyer whose office address is at lagos but his bread has always been betterbuttered in  Abia state since 2007.

“While his mates in legal profession are struggling on how to attain the highest echelon of legal practice which is Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Barr Chris is busy perfecting his skills on how to grease the palms of EFCC officials to truncate several matters on Abia Stare before the Commission.”

“Barr Chris Ezem has always been compensated with juicy government appiontments which started with Local government chairman of Umuahia South,Chairman of governing council school of health technology Aba and currently the SSG of Abia State.”

“Bar Chris  Ezem was at a time one of the lawyers to the EFCC while at lagos. He used his relationship with the commission to build  networks  which he is deploying to frustrate any investigation on Abia State, and those that have raped the resources of the state unhindered.”

“Today in Abia state ,the SSG is celebrated as "Whatever matter  Ezem cannot stop or frustrate at EFCC does not exist." He goes about bragging that Sen TA Orji and the son Chinadum Orji can never be arraigned by EFCC due to his contact and the level of foreign currency within his reach which he allegedly uses to buy these officals.”

“Bar Chris Ezem cannot stay two weeks without visiting the EFCC office in Jabi and one wonders if EFCC is now an off shoot of Abia State.”

“He has abandoned his statutory duties as SSG and relocated to EFCC headquarters going around with big brown envelop looking for who will help him bury the investigation of N551b looting that took place between 2007 to 2015 and other matters affecting the State.”

“He has also assured the current administration that he will use his network within the EFCC to ensure that nothing happens immediately or after when they leave office come 2023.”

“Abia is currently being raped with impunity because of people like Barr Chris Ezem who is using his personal relationship with the Chairman of EFCC to truncate the investigation which is already in public domain.”

“We are calling on the Commission to be weary of the likes of Bar Ezem who is  soiling the name and image of the Commission.”

“We are watching how the  investigation of N551b  of Abia State from 2007 to 2015 will end .This is a litmus text for the commission and the Chairman of the Commission whom Ezem has been boasting that he has personal relationship with him hence the Orjis are immune from prosecution.”

Abians are watching..”

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