Ayo Adesina Advocates Vigilance, Tolerance, Peaceful Co-Existence As Ogun Residents Celebrate Easter - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Ayo Adesina Advocates Vigilance, Tolerance, Peaceful Co-Existence As Ogun Residents Celebrate Easter

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Apr 03 2021 - As Ogun State residents join the rest of the world to celebrate Easter, The candidate of House of Representative under Social Demo Party SDP in the last election, Hon Ayo Adesina has advocated tolerance, vigilance and peaceful coexistence among the people as the only panacea to the challenges currently facing the nation.

In his message of goodwill to the people of Ogun State, Hon Ayo Adesina said only the resolve to live and co-exist peacefully as well as tolerate each other in spite of ethnic and religious differences could solve the problem of communal conflicts among the people adding that there was need also to be vigilant in order to contain crime and lawlessness.

He said the virtues of peace and tolerance constituted the cardinal focus of the Ministry of Jesus Christ adding that there was no greater way to celebrate His death and resurrection than to make the resolution to establish peace, tolerance and peaceful co-existence among the people.

According to the Adesina, "The significance of Easter, which we commemorate yearly, lies in the unselfish love that Jesus Christ demonstrated with his evangelism that seeks to draw all humanity to God and the ultimate sacrifice that He made for humanity irrespective of ethnic, tribal and religious differences. By so doing, He left a legacy of untiring commitment to love and sacrifice".

He urged Nigerians to embrace this legacy and translate it to selfless love and sacrifice for the country adding, "Let us all commit to playing our roles as good citizens by embracing ethnic, tribal and religious tolerance in whichever part of the country we find ourselves. It is the only way to realize our true potential as a nation and build the Nigeria of our collective dream".

Hon Ayo Adesina said in the face of the current insecurity across the nation, Nigerians must be vigilant and observant of their environment in order to check the incidence of crime and lawlessness adding that the issue of security is the concern of, not only security agencies, but also every citizen and individual in the country.

The Business Mogul, Adesina also kicked against the backdrop of recent security challenges in some parts of the country and called for increased vigilance among the citizenry .

"So what we are going to do is that for everybody who is travelling, you have to be vigilant. if you get to a park, take a look at the person sitting next to you. Look at him or her again. We have to be aware now,. We can't pretend anymore. If you see anyone dropping a bag, call him to come and carry his bag. If you see anything unusual, say something", he said.

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