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Celebrating 'Most Influential Man In Ogun' Alhaji Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun at 51

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Solanke Ayomideji Taiwo, Abeokuta

Alhaji Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun

The world does not celebrate ideas, but achievements. It does not celebrate dreams but impacts. While some impacts may be easily forgotten, others outlive generations.

Despite his self effacing and unassuming but result oriented approach to leadership, the monumental achievements of Alhaji Ibrahim Egungbogun Dende , “that rare gem steering the affairs of importation business in Ogun State, Idiroko Border” have continued to earn him respect and affection of the Ogun Western community and even the attention of waka-pass Nigerians. 

However, people who appreciate good leadership will always hold this astute businessman and administrative guru to a very high esteem. Ones view about Egungbohun Dende may depend on the perspective with which you look at him. In my view, however, he is better described as “an icon of business transformation in Nigeria” and a “patriot in the attainment of the vision of a better society."

No wonder, the face of things rocketed from inertia, upon his timely awards as the "Most Influential Man In Ogun State" in 2020 from Amebo News Hub. 

Ogun State indigenes must indeed be grateful to Almighty God , for giving them such a man of impeccable credentials, one who is committed to service delivery. Within this short period of time, his Libra horoscope personality and leadership sagacity have been brought to bare and this gives the younger generation hope that the quest for true leadership in Africa, will soon be over.

I am fully convinced that the exodus towards a better Nigeria as exemplified by the Chief Executive Officer of IBD International Hotel, would continue in the right direction and his impacts never be forgotten in a hurry, when Nigerians would celebrate 100 years of independence on 1st October, 2060. On that day, Ogun indigenes, and other Nigerians who have received the positive impacts of his selflessness and dedication to service, will have the cause to smile and tell the world that the journey of a transformed Ogun West started with the Ibrahim Egungbohun's legacy.

To consolidate on these strides however, the state government in collaboration with security agencies may have to put more efforts in the fight against killer herdsmen, Banditory , so as to make Ogun more habitable, while safeguarding the already booming economic fortunes of the town.

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