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Pastor Utin Peter Envision For The Nation, Calls For Prayer

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As we thread in a perilous world, the need for Christians to always be in the mood of prayer Is so imperative. Having this in mind, Pastor Utin Peter, the senior pastor of  Life Transformation Pentecostal Ministries, a prolific man of God and a prophet to the nation has lamented on the state of the nation, regretted that many believers do not exhibit enough faith in God. That it is the reason many people faint in hard times. 

The cleric, Utin said that he would not follow the lines of what people are saying about restructuring but believes in the perspective revelation of what God specifically show him. 'Nigeria is matured for restructuring, if the leaders does not know what they are doing, Nigeria will divide', added. 
Reflecting on the revelation he had in 2018 which he said he once discussed during the minister's conference. In that revelation the cleric explained how he saw himself traveling within the country, getting to a particular point, he saw all the arm forces gathered including some uniform police men and women, it seems like a toll gate. Describing how two police women approached him asking where he was going to. It was confusing asking where he was going, knowing fully well that he is in Nigeria. They brought  two medals inscribed two countries names on each, one was encraftedly written NIGERIA and the 2nd country was also encraftedly written BIAFRA. She said with joy on her face, that he should choose one of the medals that we are peacefully divided so he should choose one of the country name & buy one medal. in that dream, pastor Utin insisted of buying the two medals and they accepted but the two police women asked if he would be able to stay in the two countries at the same time, I agreed, so he bought the two medals. 

On that revelation I asked God for more clarification, God specifically told me why Nigeria is going to be divided but for the fact that I bought the two medals that there is tendency that we can still be together Depending on the Leaders. Nigeria is headed to division now the way things are going but I am interceeding earnestly for the country to remain one. The revelation may not have effect now but some day, it will come to pass.

There is nothing wrong with restructuring. Few days ago, Pastor Enoch Adeboye of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, spoke the mind of God addressing the country that there should be an urgent restructuring to save the country from collapsing as recurring threats to the corporate existence of the country. What he said was like a warning to the nation.

It is obvious that Pastor Utin is one of few prophet of God who hear from God and speak the way it was said. His prophecies comes to pass. The way out is Restructuring, and as a watch man from God, breakup so pronounced, it's becoming more evident, the nation leaders should listing to advices to address most of the agitation if not all.

Concerning the ongoing youth protests. Everything should be done decently and in orderly. There should not be violence. God himself will take control.

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