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Opinion: Nigerian Youths....Wake Up - By 'Yanju Uwala

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For the past few weeks, the Nigerian youths have came out to express their feelings and of course their anger against Police brutality on the citizens, and also a call to scrap the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), this started briefly until it went across some States within the federation, calling for the end to Police Brutality and scrapping of SARS. 

Towards achieving this goal, the Nigerian youths also put together some five (5) demands to the government for the purpose of seeing them being real and serious about their coming out to express their feelings on this present administration, and to also ensure that these demands are met. 

Without no doubt or injury of the mind and if we don't want to put our heads some where else, instead of coming together to achieve a better aim and objective, we all know that the youths are mainly behind the wheel of development towards a Nation, and that's why the adage "Youths are leaders of tomorrow" still trends, even though I believe that we are the leaders of today and not tomorrow, so therefore, they are the ones to focus on if the nation is needed to develop in a positive way and manner that will be of benefit to the upcoming generations behind them.

The youths should be of benefit, interest, good manners, good attitudes, non-relentless, do away with hooligans and hooliganism, among other things, because the way we express ourselves today, is what will result in us tomorrow and in the future, but are we really expressing these in ourselves and yet we want to take over the leadership of the country? We need to ask this question within ourselves. 

Without no doubt of the mind, indeed not all the youths are following this way of life, but at same time, many are privileged to be in position of leadership within their confines and been found wanting in due manners of good administration, many are having bad records as leaders, even after the expiration of their tenure. Is this not what always call for the bad view of youths like among fellow Nigerian citizens? 

Some of these associations led by youths which ought to be a good forecast of how well-mannered their respective performances in administration was has turned out to make many see the youths as non capable to lead the nation, and that's why we keep having these old men in position of power till today. 

Of course, there can still be a great change and that's the wanton call for the. quick waking up of youths. If we can all come out in the last few days to protest against Police brutality and excesses of the SARS, then we should be able to come out again in 2023 and chase out these old men in power and also place ourselves on the good ground of administration in the nation. I believe it can be done. 

I can remember a friend asking me, what's the way forward towards achieving these goals, and I put to him that, if we all come together and put our objectives, without anyone supporting any external body politically, then it will be a success on our part as youths of the country. 

Making this to be an achievement indeed is not a day job, but nothing cannot be done if we put our plans and purpose towards making it happen. I believe that the Nigerian youths can still be the leaders of this country, of course the political party, Youth Democratic Party (YDP), is a frontage towards this purpose, we can achieve it but at same end, let's put aside every act or action that my found us wanting. 

Nigerian youths...we have to wake up and ensure that this time is ours and not of our past and old men in power. Enough of their time.

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