Niger Delta Ex-Agitators Forum Supports #ENDSARS Protesters, Asks For Reformation Of SARS Unit - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Niger Delta Ex-Agitators Forum Supports #ENDSARS Protesters, Asks For Reformation Of SARS Unit

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The youths under the aegis of Niger Delta Ex-Agitators Forum has throwed weight behind #Endsars and total reformation of Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS unit of the police structure. 

According to the press statement issued by the National President,  HIGH CHIEF (DR) SELKY KILE TORUGHEDI (GENERAL YOUNG SHALL GROW) reads below


Gentlemen of the Press,

It has become necessary to address you today following series of protests by Nigerian youths at home and in diaspora. 

As youths there is nothing we have not done in the past to get the attention of government to create social security for her citizens. We have had reason to raised arms against our own nation many times because of the feeling of non-inclusiveness in governance, but in the end the glory was hijacked by the same class of politicians who don’t value the life of the people that voted them into office; they failed, personalized public rights and wealth that are meant for the masses. I strongly advice us be more careful and focus on how to present our future together and stop fighting rhetorically; we need to organise ourselves.

Let me state unequivocally that the #EndSARS protest is legitimate and necessary at this time considering that we have all suffered one form of harassment or the other from some rogue men of the Nigerian Security Forces. The stories are the same from the creeks of the  Niger Delta, to the hinter lands in the South East and South West. Insecurity in the North has made life unbearable for our brothers living there, there is need to reform our security forces to be able to combat the menace of Bokoharam, Bandits and Killers in the villages. Despite the efforts of genuine men of the Nigerian Security Forces to secure lives and property, some rogue officers have frustrated government efforts in the past aimed at reforming the security architecture.

The disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, popularly known as SARS is a welcome development, however there is need for urgent reforms in the entire security architecture of Nigeria to prevent reoccurrences of such ugly incidents that pushed Nigerian Youths to protest.

I want to use this opportunity to sympathize with the families of my dear brothers and sisters who lost their lives during these peaceful protests aimed at demanding for good governance. May their souls rest in peace and may those injured recover swiftly.

I am aware that the hardship being faced by Nigerian Youths is enormous, Nigerian youths have shown understanding and resilience in the face of hardship occasioned by series of lockdown imposed to contain the outbreak of the dreaded COVID-19. Not much has been done to alleviate their sufferings. During my last Press Conference on October 1st 2020, I reminded Government at all levels of the need to ensure that palliatives reach our youths and efforts to create an enabling environment for their businesses to thrive are doubled. To our greatest dismay, large volumes of food stuff were kept away in warehouses while the poor suffered in hunger. The President had directed the released of palliatives meant for Nigerians months ago, they were released but were not given to those who truly needed them, only for hungry Nigerians to discover them hidden in warehouses. This calls for a revisit to the process and handlers of the distribution of these palliatives to prevent hoarding.

My Fellow Youths, as always, I feel your pains, I want to use this opportunity to appeal to you not to vandalize public property meant to serve us as a people. I beg you not to allow others loot businesses of your fellow youths who have worked so hard to build over the years, businesses that have employed our brothers and sisters over the years. If we destroy these businesses, we are harming our siblings whose source of income will be taken away. Let us protect ourselves, protect our genuine peaceful protest and protect our future. The issues in our protests are genuine, some of our demands can be met immediately while others might take a little time considering that they are constitutional in nature. Let us give Government the opportunity to respond accordingly. However slow, there are signs that all hope is not lost. 

The future is still bright, we can change the narratives by ensuring that in future elections we elect people of unquestionable character to lead us, those who are passionate about our development and progress, those who truly care. I urge us all to ensure that we get our Permanent Voters Card (PVC), for those who have not already gotten their own, let us begin to talk to ourselves ahead of future elections. Let us get it right on the ballot and it will translate into durable development.

We must resist those trying to divide us on the basis of religion, ethnicity and political affiliations; the same tricks that have prevented us from uniting in the past. Today we have united in rejecting bad governance. The strength of our unity has sent strong warnings to the enemies of our Commonwealth. Governance is no longer business as usual, we have resolved that our children yet unborn must have better experiences than what we got. We have gotten our unity back, we will fix Nigeria for all Nigerians.

Long Live Nigerian Youths,
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Thank you and God Bless You.
High Chief (Dr) Selky Kile Torughedi (General Young Shall Grow)
National President,
Niger Delta Ex-Agitators Forum,
Grand Commander Nigerian Youths (NYCN), Turakin Matasa (NYAN)

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