The Constipation of our Modern Day Politicians in Gombe State By Kwami local Government youth development Association (KWALYODA) - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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The Constipation of our Modern Day Politicians in Gombe State By Kwami local Government youth development Association (KWALYODA)

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_Please while reading this written oration, we implore you to keep spellbound as it's noteworthy._

 ```...we can at last look upon our own country as one in which citizens regardless of tribe, gender or creed share equal political rights and opportunity for development.``` This has been what our politicians whisper into our ears sporadically when election is nearing merely to get elected, And Gombe state politicians are no exception. 

Even though the way in which our State (Gombe) has been categorically zoned into 3 i.e *Gombe Central, Gombe North and Gombe South,* surely over the time, the reflection of idiosyncrasies among our various politicians has been the topic of discussion among various individuals day-in day-out. This has no doubt make it possible to some people in the state to comprehend some politicians to be of good and generous character while on the contrary, other politicians were viewed as promise breaker of which they are very good at uttering and making promises which they themselves are not sure and can't be achieved in anyway.

For example, among the politicians we having in Gombe Central, some of them have portrayed a sense of good leadership by way of been generous to their constituent, performing and steering their affairs of leadership in a very embracing way. While some of the politicians within the constituency, are not even worthy to be elected because of their bastardize attitude and negligence of governance. 

In respect to some of the politicians in Gombe South, some of them are loved, admired and even romance by their people because of how they carry themselves together in either the happiness and sad moments whatsoever. When it comes to execution of projects or facilities which will bring development to their region, they joined hand together in yanking out any form of development.

However, talking about other counterpart politicians from Gombe North, the reverse is the case as most of them if not all of them, they ventured into politics for their own personal interests, enriching themselves and their families. This can be seen clearly in their unwanted attitudes of how they forays into various political positions which later led them to be a disgrace to those whom they are representing in various capacity. They have done nothing good to show to the people there good will of been into the position they were elected. Our political figures from Gombe North are just merely nothing but a bunch of close associates with with nothing marvelous to the masses but full of hatred, enmity e.t.c. They are also such kind of people who  on a normal circumstance of seeking for the people votes, they can even prostrate to you when the need arises, just for them to have what they want. On funny things people need to know is that, mist of the politicians from Gombe North when elected to represent the people in both National and state Assembly, they cannot express and moved a motion but rather, they second any form of motion by way of nodding their heads and that's all. Those category of politicians are regarded as nothing other than *'bench warmers',*

Yes, it is an undeniable fact that the people of the aforementioned zones form part and parcel of the problem we are facing generally. This can be seen on how we have been continuously been seduced by very little amount of money that cannot even spanned a period of a year. And also on how our traditional leader's are been betrayed and carried away by different forms of lies as un fulfilled promise by the politicians. 
The worse part of the politicians in Gombe North are that of Kwami LGA. Those category of people are mercilessly leading their people in hardship, they are just bunch on heartless individuals. Of all the Gombe North  politicians, that of Kwami LGA, have no empathy for their people what they all know is how to siphon public funds to their own personal pockets and accounts respectively.
But so far so good, In every situation, there most be good and bad people in all angles of life. Though In this vein, those who are very bad are the majority thereby leading to their exclusion in the state affairs.

Some weeks ago, an audio went viral with the pictures of *Hon. Alhassan Ibrahim Kwami* (Commissioner of Information and Culture), a true son of Gombe North. The audio portrays how the commissioner expressed his sadness on how the recent 1,000 Jobs to he given in each LGA in Nigeria has gone unfairly due to the incompetence of the committee set by the Federal Government. He described his agony by way of saying it to the entire world of how the committee abuse the power saddled with them, by a way of discrimination, nepotism, and regionalism in carrying out their duty accordingly. In his statement, the Hon.commissioner affirmed that, if justice fails to prevail in the committee, he will demand for legal action of which everyone is entitled to, so far as he is an indigene of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is knowing fully for us that, the first chairman of the committee was from Gombe North, but because of the bad attitude of our politicians from the zone, one person has to influence and change it to someone else. This lack of patriotism of the highest order.

Unbehalf of Kwami Local Government Youth Development Association (KWALYODA), we unanimously disagree with the manner in which we are been treated and can no longer remain silent on how we are neglected by the government in all ramifications. 

Thanks alot to *Hon. Alhassan Ibrahim Kwami* for standing fearlessly to make sure all the slots meant for the entire Gombe North are given to them. 

Greater Kwami LGA we pray,
Greater Gombe North we pray,
Greater Gombe State. 
God bless Nigeria.


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