Armed Terrorists Now Occupy Kishi, Oyo National Park, Says Aare Gani Adams - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Armed Terrorists Now Occupy Kishi, Oyo National Park, Says Aare Gani Adams

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The Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams on Wednesday, said armed terrorists now occupy Kishi, located in North West of Oyo State, as well as vast Old Oyo National Park.

He said the recent development pose a great danger to the security of the entire South West area.

Aare Gani Adams said in the past few days, the armed groups have engaged in kidnapping of locals apart from threatening their livelihood and access to forest resources.

He said children, the aged and women are the most hit by the violent activities of the armed groups.

“I have received numerous reports from Kishi, North West of Oyo State. The reports range from ceaseless kidnapping, rape and threat to lives of Yoruba people in the Oke Ogun area with Kishi as the present hub of terrorist attacks. It’s my responsibility to alert the public and also the relevant authorities” Aare Gani Adams said in the statement signed by his Special Assistant on Media, Mr Kehinde Aderemi.

Iba Gani Adams, expressed worry that the region is gradually becoming a haven for bandits and terrorists masquerading as herdsmen. He warned that the situation must be nipped in the bud to prevent the South West taking the ignoble part of the North East and the North West areas of Nigeria where violence has taken a firm root.

He said what appears like the gathering of armed groups in the area will affect the stability of the entire South West region.

Aare Gani Adams said Oyo State has the largest land mass in Yorubaland with an area of 28,454 square kilometers and listed as the14th by size among the 36 states of the Federation. He said the occupation of Oyo State by terrorists will strengthen their infiltration of the entire South West.

He said the area retains a traditional route that links Sokoto State and also borders Ogun State, South of Kwara State and the Republic of Benin and in the East by Osun State.

Aare Gani Adams said

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