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What Ought to Concern Us In Egbaland - Segun Sowunmi

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We the people of Abeokuta and it’s environs, members of a common heritage made up of the Egba Ake, OkeOna, Owu, Gbagura and Ibara indeed all persons who call our land home. I doubt that we have had in our recent history, such a committed patriot working very hard towards the development of our land. 

I believe we ought to be very appreciative of what God used Sen Ibikunle Amosun to achieve for us. We can be justly proud of how Abeokuta is developing. 

We now must be vigilant and concern ourselves with things that further the development of Egbaland. I do not see how we can be muted on the proposed Abeokuta airport! There can be no agenda worthy of all our support, lobby, advocacy and unwavering commitment than this project right now. It must be the song in the mouth of all our Obas, our bales, our men and women of influence, all our elected representatives, our high net-worth individuals, our former governors, our former presidents, all friends of Egbaland—every one of us. 

We are asking and using every available platform to plead for the completion of this all-important project. Anyone or institution that attempts to stand in the way of this project must find us a resolved people not to allow the derailment of this project. Looking around the world, the impact of an airport is unquantifiable, and we must demonstrate our resolve not to take our eyes off the ball in his instance. May we be helped.

Segun Showunmi 
Keesi Abeokuta

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