The Politically Caged Hon. Ladi Adebutu On His Way To Self-Destruction - LP, Arabambi - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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The Politically Caged Hon. Ladi Adebutu On His Way To Self-Destruction - LP, Arabambi

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Absolutely - The labour party chairman in Pain State, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi has dragged Honorable Ladi Adebutu to the mud by saying 'The terribly chained, challenged and highly domesticated stranded politician , Hon Ladipo Adebutu has embarked on a political journey that will embarrassingly demystify him'

According to press statement released to the newsmen, Arabambi said, 'He Lado ,currently set in an unending and highly complex situation in Ogun PDP , firmly in the powerful hands of the Engr  Bayo Dayo led Executive that has dangerously and conclusively rendered his 2023 Gubernatorial ambition impossible is desperate for an alternative platform.'

He further said, Honorable Ladi Adebutu has allowed himself to be scammed by some political scavengers to set his mind wrongly on the possibility of an  unconventional and illegal hijacking of Ogun LP as his platform in pursuing his unachievable ambition to contest the 2023 Governorship election.

However , it must eventually be clear to him that he has indeed backed the wrong horse. He has right now pulled the Tiger fully in the prime of tigertude by his tail. By this costly mistake of trying to mess with my Leadership of Ogun LP , he has a lot ahead to contend with.

Below is the excerpt released by Comrade Abayomi Arabambi: 

It appears that Ladi Adebutu has chosen to forget that around me , he is a naïve politician. I will here remind him that i did conduct the Primary election into the House of Assembly which he lost to Hon Dave Salako in his first coming in PDP and also conducted the Ogun East senatorial primaries to produce my distinguished Egbon in person of Sen Lekan Mustapha who defeated late Reverend Jide Awosedo. I was part of the election panel Committee set up by Colonel Ahmadu Alli , the then National Chairman of PDP to conduct the Ekiti State PDP State congresses elections , my letter of appointment was delivered to me by Alhaji Sarafadeen Tunji Ishola , the then SSG to the Ogun State Government of OGD. All of these , while the same Hon Ladi Adebutu was still very green in party politics.I opted out of PDP in 2010 and have since then remain in LP that I chose over PDP in 2010 to this moment.

Money is indeed very useful in party politics but could be a waste without the corresponding and needful experience. That Ladi Adebutu should begin to see that a politician who relied on money in his politics often buy failures in tons .

Though one should not lose sight of the fact that Ladi Adebutu is someone who lacks humility in a great proportion . Money makes him think that every next person is like the almajiri politicians he Puppeteers all around him. He is rude and uncultured enough to demonstrate this publicly on the sitting Governor of Ogun State Prince Dapo Abiodun at a public function ,  and in the presence of the traditional ruler of the Community and other high and very eminent personalities.

This of course explains why he is being deserted in droves by the highly visible and quality politicians earlier in his group . The likes of Chief Mrs Iyabode Apampa , the former deputy Governor in Ogun State , Alhaja Salmot Badru , Hon Waliu Taiwo and very many more. But then , a man who publicly snubbed the Constituted Authority of his State should not do anything in the region of rudeness to surprise one.

Again , consider a man who signed an agreement stating clearly that he will remain in APM until year 2022 when he ported into the APM with his stomach - infrastructure marionettes. Can such a man continue to claim that he is a PDP leader . Insincere leadership attract insincere followers . This will explain the easy way he attracts only the dregs in the political space , like Olaposi Oginni and Bode Simeon who gives to too much to drinking

Finally , it is my very emphatic and clear  declaration that the scheme of using the platform of Ogun LP is a mirage . The battle line is drawn.
The fact remains that Hon Ladi Adebutu is not a credible member of PDP since he legally binded to Hon . Abdulkadir Akinlade and his APM that are now in APC translating to mean that Adebutu a member of APC by implication. Still the same Lado openly and willingly played loud anti - PDP roles in the 2019 elections. He strongly worked electorally against the official Governorship Candidate of PDP , Senator Buruji Kasham in the 2019 election.

From the foregoing  it is clear that Lado is not a credible or legal member of PDP either in his ward , Local Government , State and of course not in the National.

The best bet for this spendthrift is to go and beg for forgiveness from the authentic PDP in Ogun State . However he could , by dropping this his  inordinate ambition for Governorship he is nursing against the current Governor who incidentally is from the same ward and Local Government with the Governor. Maybe by some luck , he may be considered for a political appointment or even an attempt at contesting for a seat in the House of Representatives in 2023 . By his current reckless ambition of trying to hijack the LP in Ogun State , it will earn him a very embarrassing failure .

We in Ogun LP are aware of the trick played by Lado and the political scavengers working for him in trying to avoid litigation for impersonation made them to deliberately write their press statement on an inconsequential sheet of paper without the Authoritative Logo of LP and the conscious and intentional omission of an address and Telephone nos as that would have afforded me the opportunity to write a petition against them for impersonation and fraudulent representation 

In this attached picture is the once  appointed but now suspended SW Chairman of LP who has been known and widely acknowledged as one always thriving in bad politics. He is a political racketeer. Lado can only attract this kind of renegade political paws all the time because he himself is a morally dead politician .

I must here confirm that overtures were made to me to attend a meeting with Lado but I declined since I hold the right to accept or reject an invitation. I refused to have anything to do with Lado and his group because I am conscious of the level of treachery , betrayal and moral deadness that reside in his crowd.

The invitation was delivered by a senior colleague in politics.
In conclusion , I am not unmindful of the  possible alternatives Lado may want to employ. It is widely known that he is a violence inclined. . He could attempt to further pursue this his inordinate ambition of hijacking LP by force of violence , even including the act of murder or political assassination.

He should take it as foregone that I am duty bound to notify the AIG of Police  and the DG of DSS and other needful individuals across Nigeria   the State and beyond. Every inch of development as this issue grows will be infinitely documented with dates , time and facts and kept in  safe places from where they will appear if anything happens to me.

Thank you for your patience and time in reading this through.



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