Cult Member Killed Girlfriend, Harvest Private Organ For Money Rituals - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Cult Member Killed Girlfriend, Harvest Private Organ For Money Rituals

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The Police has said to have arrested a bloody cult member known as Chidiebere Johnson for killing his girlfriend, cutting off private parts for money rituals and to have a new rank in the cult group, He later disclosed burning some other body parts for safety charms which will help him during their operations.

After much interrogations, he disclosed dumping her remains in a bush and when operatives got there they found a decaying body of Miss Adaeze Nneoma.

Money rituals are a part of pseudoworld belief that the use of spells, charms and sacrifices can create wealth for individuals. Such rituals are practiced in various parts of Africa and probably other parts of the world. In Nigeria.Frequent news reports of the practice in Enugu state cult member who kills her girlfriend, removes her private part for money and burnt some other body parts for charms.

He confessed to have participated in 48 killings taken place in the past seven years, since chidiebere was supposedly initiated into the cult.He claimed that a civil servant, Michael Ashade Akinona, was the man performing the rituals all they need to do was to bring body parts.

Police subsequently arrested the man and discovered "black pots, powders and other paraphernalia in his home believed to be linked to "occultism and other esoteric activities".

The Enugu State police commissioner had a history of alleged offences including burning down his neighbor’s house and an attempt on the life of another teenage girl.

He appeared briefly in court in connection with the girl’s killing yesterday and offered to direct police to the graves of several other alleged victims, but so far no more bodies have been discovered. 

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