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My Husband And I Still Have Good Sex Despite Our Old Age - Actress Joke Silver

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Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva, has revealed that she and her actor husband, Olu Jacob’s, still have sex but in a way suitable for their age.

Silva, 58, got married to Jacobs, 68, in 1989 and have children.

She appeared as guest on Television Continental morning show, ‘Your View’, on Friday, where she commented on societal issues, including her life as a married woman.

While asked by the host of the programme, Morayo Afolabi-brown, if her and the husband still “do the do”, at the end of the show, she responded:

“Yes, we still do the do, but in a way that is suitable for our age”

Silva, who received recognition as Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR), one of Nigeria’s Nation honours in 2014, also revealed that she was sexually harassed while in the university by a professor as a mother of two children.

“This issue of sexual harassment does not have anything to do with how you dress. I didn’t want to go to the university because i just wanted to do my acting thing and my parents allowed me.

“I already had two children before going to the university, yet, I got harassed by a professor,” she added.

She also said the country needed more factories, instead of increasing number of Churches and Mosques across the country everyday.

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