How 2000 Set Solved 19 Years Old Water Riddle In Rev. Kuti Memorial Grammar School, Abeokuta. - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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How 2000 Set Solved 19 Years Old Water Riddle In Rev. Kuti Memorial Grammar School, Abeokuta.

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Water is a fundamental human need.Each person on Earth requires at least twenty to fifty liters of clean and safe water a day for drinking, cooking, and simply keeping themselves clean, For students and the entire Reverend Kuti memorial Grammar School people, the dream of having access to portable water had been a mirage and the hope of ever getting this priceless human treasure had been forlorn.

The story of Reverend Kuti Memorial Grammar School, a school located at Isabo, by Kuto road in Abeokuta however, changes for good immediately some old student who passed out nineteen years ago decided to sink a borehole to put an end to the scarcity of water been experienced in the school in the past 

Reverend Kuti Memorial Grammar school Named after the late renowned educationalist, Reverend Israel Oludotun Ransome-Kuti, is one of the oldest standing secondary school in Abeokuta, and even Ogun State.

The project which is set to be commissioned on the day of resumption for schools in Ogun state will indeed solve so many issues surrounding water supply within and around the school premises Amebo Online Newspaper learnt.

According to the project committee chairman, Yinka Onadeko,  the project which cost over one million naira was was made possible by over one hundred and thirty three members who are resolute to give back to the school that made them.

Chairman, Reverend Kuti Memorial Grammar school, 2000 Millennium Set, Wasiu Olayinka Dauda assures of more developmental contributions as the set is looking forward towards celebrating its tenth anniversary.

In appreciation of the good gesture, the State Chairman Old Student Association, RKMGS sent a message to the Millennium set whatsapp group with a touching message.

 "The SCREAM "Water is there at last clearly underscores the pains and ceaseless efforts that had gone into the quest for the provision  of water supply for the inhabitants, students, teachers and sundry individuals who may have cause to visit RKMGS land space.

The screaming was therefore a shout for JOY, a joy that brings to fore the truth inherent in the saying, Where there  is will, there will always be a way. It also bears eloquent testimony to the resolve and tenacity of a group with an unflinching commitment  and tenacity of purpose towards the attainment of a set goal and Objective.

It is in this regard that I join all well meaning members of RKMGS Old Students Association to Congratulate and indeed rejoice with members of the 2000 set on this laudable achievement.

They have traversed and navigated the thorny paths that others feared to thread.I doff my HAT for you guys. May I also apologize on behalf of the 1976 /81 Set who first took up the challenge but failed for lack of proper coordination. I do hope we would all learn from the feats of the 2000set.

Meanwhile, to the component parts of RKMGS old Students Association and going by the resolve at our last , the sum of the parts equals the WHOLE, United we Stand, divided we fall. 

Laudable as the attainment under discuss may be, our prayers is for SETS with projects in mind to  liase and work with the parent  body to avert possible disintegration of the WHOLE".

The water project will be commissioned soon in   Ogun State 

Bunmi Adigun 

Secretary, RKMGS, 2000 Millennium Set

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