Fearless Woman Holds Down A Live Python, Cuts It Open To Remove Goat (Photos) - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Fearless Woman Holds Down A Live Python, Cuts It Open To Remove Goat (Photos)

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The video of a woman using her bare hands to hold down a live python as she pulls out a dead goat swollen by the snake has sparked reactions from social media users who seemed to be extremely impressed by her fearlessness.

In the viral video shared by Ondo first born, the wonder woman who was pictured wearing a blue turban and a matching Ankara fibre attire had singlehandedly held down the huge snake. Watch the video below;

Ondo First Born@SirBetti

Wonder Woman


10:36 AM - Sep 7, 2019

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It was gathered that the snake had invaded a livestock farm owned by the woman killing one of the goats been reared.

The community was thrown into a mini-tourist attraction as residents trooped in their numbers to catch a glimpse of how the  wonder woman butchered the huge python as she tried to pull out the dead animal from it belly.

It was also learned the python crawled out of its hideout in a nearby swampy area into one of the compound where they rear livestock. The video has garnered over two hundred thousand views with a lot of reactions with it.

However, the location where this particular event occurred is not yet known at the filing of this report but from the background conversations, it seemed to have happened somewhere in the western part of Nigeria

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