After 12 years in Trinidad & Tobago, I want to return home, sickly Nigerian cries out - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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After 12 years in Trinidad & Tobago, I want to return home, sickly Nigerian cries out

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This appears not to be the best of times for some Nigerians who had gone in search of the proverbial greener pastures abroad. Before now, many, especially the youth believe that foreign countries hold the key to their future. How wrong they were. As events in the last few weeks, which has seen some of them been forced them to flee these countries unfold, stories of others who may not have realised their dreams abroad have also emerged. Though, unlike those in South Africa where the host’s hostile environment forced back recently, there are those who are making efforts to come back to Nigeria due to ill health. One of such is an Osun State indigene, Benjamin Sesan Ojo, who has been in Trinidad & Tobago for the past 12 years.

In a video that went viral on Thursday, Ojo narrated his rather sad story. About three years ago, he was struck by a strange illness, in which a part of his body started getting smaller and the other abnormally swollen. Unfortunately, he had no means of seeking the required medical treatment. Ojo, in his attempt to get assistance that will enable him to return to Nigeria and possibly access proper medicare, tried to get the attention of the Nigerian Embassy in that country to help him out of his pathetic situation. He did not only fail but got treated like a leper. Some embassy officials only gave him a little money to enable him to feed for one week with an instruction never to return to them again. He was considered insane.

His seemingly hopeless situation appeared to have forced him in the video to beg fellow Nigerians anywhere in the world to come to his aid as he needs money to buy ticket to return home to his family. He said: “My name is Benjamin Sesan Ojo. I am from Osun State. I have been in Trinidad Tobago for the past 12 years but since three years now, I have been sick and one part of the vein in my body is getting smaller than the other while the other part is oddly swollen too.

“I went to Nigerian Embassy for assistance to return back home but they said they cannot help me because they were not responsible for my coming here in the first place. “According to what they told me, they said if they help any Nigerian, many others would flood the embassy for similar assistance. That was the only reason given for refusing to help me. “However, they gave me some money to buy something to eat for one week. When I returned there, they simply locked the gate against me; they said that I’m a mad man and I was not allowed to enter inside. “The only thing I would like to say is that, I need the help of Nigerians to survive and money to buy ticket to go back to my family in Osun State.”


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