"Naira Marley Should Face The Consequence"- Actress Foluke Daramola - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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"Naira Marley Should Face The Consequence"- Actress Foluke Daramola

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Nollywood Actress Foluke Daramola has dropped her two cents on the thriving issue of crime and corruption in Nigeria

She released 4 short video clips on her Instagram page stating her opinion on the pressing issue.

She captioned her post "My take is we have to start building a stronger and better Nigeria from u and 1 if we say cos the country is bad and doesn't have anything to offer us then we will be the victims of our own misbehaviour, never forget we are 1st Nigerians before anything and we can only but be 2nd class citizens wherever we find ourselves so y are we bent on soiling the name of our country further???!!!!🙄😡😡😡😡😡




#makethepositiveimpactuwanttisee "

She seemed distraught and disappointed as she spoke in the video

"Two wrongs never make a right, just because there is no money in the country, there's no work does not corruption does not justify evil because our politicians are doing it does not make it right for us to do it...

"It's really sad when we now try to paint bad good...we should understand the implications, the depth of the what we do. when we do things wrong people tag us as negative, Nigerians are seen as crooks all love the world. we don't see anything wrong with that. We feel the need to continue in the madness and when the government or the EFCC or anybody is trying to paint the society clean we see them as evil just because our politicians are corrupt. I am never justifying any politician being corrupt but it starts from somewhere. what us true change? true change starts with you...

Let us take a look inwards, think it of the box, there a lot of stuff that we can do to make money. There are young millionaires and billionaires that are making their money in a  clean way

She ended the 4 clip-video by saying 'I don't believe what they are doing they are victimizing Naira Marley, I'm sorry if he has done something wrong, he has to face the consequences"

Do you think it will be easy to rid Nigeria of crime and corruption?

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