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Yomi Fabiyi confirms Lizzy Anjorin's donation towards Baba Suwe

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Yomi Fabiyi confirms Lizzy Anjorin’s donation towards Baba Suwe

After the internet brouhaha between Lizzy Anjorin and some Instagram users, Yomi Fabiyi has confirmed her donation. After the actor posted the Baba Suwe’s medical funding response, Lizzy Anjorin dropped a piece of her mind on Instagram. Read Below:

Yomi Fabiyi’s post: “UPDATE on BABA SUWE: In less than 48hrs, my fans have sent me screen shots of deposits they made and have raised million+ to SAVE BABA SUWE. I am close to tears. My cults, my backbones, am honoured.

However, colleagues such as Liz Anjorin, Iyabo Ojo, Adekaz Films & Marketing, Wale Olaleye(Journalist) are few others who confirmed deposits and invariably sent evidences to me, I understand many people have also deposited, nemaste. I am equally aware TAMPAN NATIONAL via her LAGOS CHAPTER sent delegation already and will come up with something shortly. All other NGOs are well appreciated.”

Lizzy Anjorin’s post: “I don’t want to do this.. But it is right to shed light. The very 1st day I heard, I told arike immediately to send the little coins I have in my account, she has the ATM that night .You all know i just come back from market and of course many bills are waiting for me …
.The two things you shouldn’t ignore even with your worst enemy .
1, during sickness
2, never mock your fellow with death..
I called yomi following morning to monitor it till he get my alert …Behold, before I check my ig page it was flooded with different curses and evil speech. As I am blocking and deleting it’s keeps coming to my dm , My comment section , my wasap as if ?? ..I just carry one of them do asun with god of iron 🤪🤣..i just get rest of mind as they all stroll comot for my page …Now this is where am going to …I realised everyone that supported baba suwe one way or the other as being a target of insult…you might not know the gravity of your evil post ..@goldmynetv is own by a yoruba man Mr Sesan rufai. He was the 1st person to twisted my story and disseminate it to other bloggers, opera news and facebook..just imagin numba of yoruba bloggers and Facebook users that reposted the twisted part ..Another yoruba lady attacked Jigan baba oja …The truth is that the more you attack, the more people draw back to help.
We all have our fan base and friends that could move mountain for us …I want everybody to realise one fact, “judgement is here on earth not in heaven”…Nobody pray to sick or die young ..But always ask yourself, will u wake up tomorrow?? Pardon me to say this…if you truly love baba suwe you will not attack people that give out of there sweat, you will rather praise them to motivate others to assist…sickeness and death has no respect for anyone. We dont know the next victim..Yoruba settings, take care of yourself very well…envy is more deadly than death .We shall all live long in good health insha Allah ..Amin”

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