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How To Fall In Love With Sense And Not Just Anyhow

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As humans, we are configured to not be in solitude. That is why imprisonment is seen as a form of punishment, and solitary confinement is considered a worse, stricter one.

The need to seek human interaction, companionship and ultimately a kind of love that is sweet and rich and deep is in everyone of us. It is why people love love and pursue relationships.

While finding love is a goal that everyone pursues, there is, of course, a method to that madness. Love is to be sought, yes, but not in an indiscriminate manner, or in a way that makes people question your sanity.

As humans, we are configured to seek interraction. [Credit - Getty]

Here is the deal; there are some people who fall in love all the time, with everyone... indiscriminately. Such people are not masters of their feelings and emotions and have no control over how they feel. They do not know how to regulate their surroundings, neither do they know how to guard their hearts so none of these things get to them.

Those are the folks that are in love one day with Shade, the next with Tolu, Femi the next day and so on and so forth. They are always forming one deep emotional bond with this person and that… from one location to another.

If you’ve ever found yourself in that situation, or if you are still in it; there is only one solution and this is it…

Communication Issues

It is plain and pretty straightforward - the number of people you give communication access to, and how frequently you reconnect those communication links will determine how often you catch feelings and how quickly you form emotional bonds with people.

Spare yourself the hassle of falling in love indiscriminately and having your heart repeatedly broken [Credit - LandLord]

If you are talking with someone of the opposite sex daily, for long periods, you will very likely catch feelings. Imagine speaking to some man or woman in the morning, in the afternoon and at night, it is only normal that somewhere along the line, at least one of you will catch feelings. If you don't, they would.

This is because long communication will likely have you talking about different topics, ranging from life in general, to preferences, to sex, to religion and several other facets of life.

Even if that was not the intention, you will likely start to catch feelings for that person because that is what often happens when people expose their hearts and souls to each other.

Now imagine having this type of regular, constant communication with different people at different phases of your life… that definitely has to be the explanation for why you would be catching feelings indiscriminately.

Love with sense. It helps [Credit - Live Love Chronicles]

The solution?

It’s OK to be friendly with people but there is a limit to how much of that you allow yourself get involved in.

Guard what you hear, limit the number of people you grant access into your space and you won’t suffer repeated ‘heartbreaks’ and ‘disappointment’ of catching feelings and falling in and out of love with people.

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