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Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should Avoid Casual Sex — The Problem With Having Casual Sex

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It’s 2019 and our social landscape feels very much like a buffet. More than ever before, the options available to you, at least on paper, are quite limitless. You could literally choose to be anything and find support while at it.

Relationships-wise, you’ve got traditional dating practices as we’ve always had them, and then there are other new terms such as friendship with benefits, casual dating, casual sex, and so on and so forth.

You can date and hook up and do whatever these days. Everything seems OK [Credit - Getty]

Staying true to that buffet example given above, it is easy to assume that everything that is available is consumable when in fact, you can’t possibly have a taste of everything prepared in a buffet if you like yourself. Actually, you just can’t. There would be too much and it’s just sensible to stay off some things.

In modern relationship and dating practices, casual sex is one of such things – you cannot just engage in casual sex for the fun of it. And here are three reasons why we think it is a very bad idea:

1. Someone always catches feelings

Obviously, the idea of casual sex in the first instance is to have sex without catching feelings or without getting emotionally attached. But is that what usually happens in real life? Your guess is surely as good as ours – it is not!

More often than not, people [at least one of them] who decide to get into casual sexual relationships end up catching feelings; defeating the whole idea in the process.

When it comes to casual sex, one person would almost always catch feelings [Credit - LandLord]

2. You may find it difficult to date

If your casual sex partner is one who is pretty good at it, you may find it difficult to severe ties with them. Why? Great sex is addictive.

When someone understands your body so well and takes you to the moon and back with such accuracy and regularity, holding on to them will become easier than letting go. You know you stand no chance of being with them; they won’t meet your emotional needs and you should just move on to someone who would, but there you are, unable to do so because… someone has used their penis or vagina to reconfigure your mind.

Casual sex isn't really as good as it looks [Credit - Potentash]

3. STI’s

Because there is no agreement of exclusivity most times, you could be having sex with someone who is steadily having sex with other people. Just as they trust you and you trust them after a while of sleeping with each other, those other partners trust them too, so they could be having skin-to-skin sex just as you are doing with that partner.

Just imagine if one of those other people has an infection, especially a really serious one…

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