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EXPLAINED:Orgasm During Sex: Surprising Reasons She's Not Having One

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Did we mention it can be extremely difficult to orgasm during intercourse? We’re looking at reasons why ladies sometimes fall short of fireworks in the bedroom… and what can be done to change that.

#1 She doesn’t know her body.

Having good sex is all about exchanging information. Ooh, that feels good. Touch me there, like this, harder, slower, faster, and the list goes on. One of the biggest reasons why some women can’t seem to cum may stem from the fact that they don’t know their own body!

There are women in their 20s who still don’t know where their clit is or how to please it. Bottom line? If you can’t explain to your partner how you like to be touched, how are they supposed to please you?

#2 Changing positions too much.

Changing it up in bed definitely adds an element of spice to your romp, but it isn’t always beneficial for the female involved. Women need consistency and continuous rhythms to reach orgasms, not to be uprooted every five minutes. While varying your sex positions may ensure that the man involved isn’t going to orgasm too quickly, it may have the same effect on the female partner. Where’s the fun in that?

#3 Skipping out on foreplay.

There are two things women need in order to orgasm: time and foreplay. Don’t get us wrong, quickies are fun, but they don’t often end in orgasms. Not for the girl, anyway. That’s because women need time to get revved up, while a man is basically ready to cum on command.

For the woman, foreplay cuts down on the time it’s going to take her to orgasm during sex. No foreplay = not a great chance of climaxing.

#4 She’s distracted.

Distractions are the worst. There’s nothing that can ruin sex quite like thinking about work, the bitchy comment your friend made via text, or the interesting new braid tutorial you saw on Pinterest. Sometimes, it can be difficult to focus during foreplay or intercourse, even if you’re really looking forward to crossing the finish line.

#5 No clit, no O.

Repeat this phrase before every sexual encounter. Keep in mind that the clit is a whole lot like the head of the penis. Blood fills it up, the clitoris becomes erect, lubrication happens, and because it’s chock-full of excited nerve endings… BOOM! Magic orgasm *or something like that*.

Having an orgasm during sex isn’t the be-all end-all, but it sure is an added bonus. If your girl is having trouble having the big O during intercourse, keep these three things in mind. In the end, it’s all about the mood, the lube, and lots and lots of foreplay.


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