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3 Clues To Help Females Reach Orgasm

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Orgasms are one of the stages of human sexual response cycle which often comes with a very intense feeling of pleasure including rapid bathing accompanied with a series of muscle contractions around the genitals.

Although men are globally able to achieve orgasms during penetration, research has proven that only 18% of women are able to achieve orgasms through penetration alone.

Below are some three ways to help yourself or your partner achieve a female orgasm.


#1. Vaginal Orgasm

These types of orgasms penetrate through the whole body, radiating from the female genital and the best way to achieve it is to use sex positions that help achieve maximum depth accompanied with constant communication to make sure the bests spots and rhythm are being touched and maintained. Females can also use sex toys if they do not have a man.

#2. Clitoral Orgasm

With these types of orgasms, it explodes across the surface of the skin leaving a tingling sensation and the best way to achieve it is to use either back and forth or circular motions or even oral play on the clitoris also making sure not to use too much pressure as the organ becomes very sensitive when filled with blood. Most females are able to pleasure themselves using this method.


#3. G Spot

Not every woman knows where it is and it usually requires special positions and unique foreplay styles which includes curving the fingers upwards about two inches into the vagina. This is very difficult if you are single but with the new release of curved sex toys, it’s now easy.


Ladies!, unlike men who always ejaculate to show they have achieved orgasm, women don’t have any such obvious sigh so one has to rely on certain clues, such as flush skin, squirting, and sensitive genitals. All that said, if you are not sure you did actually have one, then you probably didn’t.

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