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29 Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets That Can Make Your Home Smarter

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. We spend a lot of time there cooking, dining with relatives, drinking tea with friends, and so on. We all want this area to be as convenient, useful, and modern as possible.

Bright Side has found some kitchen devices that are so unique, we can’t call them “modern.” They’ve come from year 3019!

This stove has a dishwasher built into it. Excellent for small apartments.

© missedher_jones / Reddit

This fridge opens from both sides. Convenient if you’re going to move.

© Unknown author / Imgur

This microwave is also a toaster. We think these items shouldn’t be produced separately any longer.

© troyareyes / Reddit

This refrigerator has an automatic water pitcher built into it.

© FocusPuRe / Reddit

This refrigerator displays how many ounces of water it gives you.

© Unknown author / Imgur

This is a device that perfectly cuts your products.

© starfrit.com

“My microwave opens like a drawer.”

© Unknown author / Imgur

This shelving allows you to put 2 or 3 dishes in at once.

© Unknown author / Imgur

A touchless garbage can with sensors

This dishwasher projects the time and cycle on the floor.

A wall with a built-in toaster. What do you know about saving space?

© Unknown author / Imgur

A coffee maker built into the wall

© thebigbadwulf1 / Reddit

A device that automatically cleans the dishes.

© amazon.com

This paper towel holder has USB charging ports.

© Unknown author / Imgur

A fridge that has 2 doors

© Unknown author / Imgur

You can knock on the fridge door and see what’s inside without opening it.

When you open the fridge door, it will snap a picture of what’s inside. That way, the next time you’re at the store, you can get a look at your current inventory from your phone and this will keep you from buying that thirteenth container of yogurt.

© Jenny McGrath / Digital Trends

Check your toast for readiness.

© Lady_Ange / Reddit

If you don’t have a transparent toaster, this toaster has a “lift-and-look” button so you can check on its progress.

© stefanielouise / Reddit

This microwave oven has a button for “a bit more” if you think your dish isn’t ready.

© redditreader_v / Reddit

The microwave has a button to turn off the sound, so it doesn’t beep when your food is done.

© kfaust3032 / Reddit

A hidden place to store your kitchen appliances that’s useful and tidy!

Pull-out and rotating shelves let you get what you need easily.

Unusual but creative and useful corner cabinets

This kitchen construction allows you to store even more things in the lower cabinet.

This cabinet allows you to store more and get what you need easier.

© H_G_Bells / Reddit

This built-in ladder helps you reach the upper shelves.

A table and seats appearing from the wall

Have you ever seen a high-tech vacuum tea machines using a unique patented technology that cost $13,000 ?

The manufacturer claims that the taste of their tea differs from ordinary tea. Would you like to try it?

Preview photo credit amazon.com

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