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EXPLAINED:10 Excellent Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

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You, like most people, know how powerfully confidence changes the way others immediately judge you.

Confidence inspires trust – and because of the “tribal” instincts in humans – it often creates obedience as a result.

Here 33 tips on how you can upgrade your natural – and earned – confidence so that you may join their ranks.

1. Maintain calm in the storm

You see others who handle crises with certain calm and you wish you were more like them. It’s infuriating at first! What makes them seem so confident?

The answer is that confident people stay calm because they know (or assume) that they can handle whatever comes their way.

2. Calm your body

If you feel rising anxiety, take three extremely deep breaths all the way to the depth of your belly. Count slowly to 6 on the way in, then hold for two, then count slowly to 6 on the way out. Your metabolism will reset into calm.

3. Calm your mind

By recalling how you have handled difficulties in the past; by recalling your successes in the past; by bringing to the front of mind the people and resources you have available right now to help you achieve your goal; by brainstorming with a friend or colleague new resources and paths forward you might not have considered before.

4. Take a break from anxiety

Take a walk. Go work out. Cuddle a dog. Call a friend and catch up. Simply distracting your conscious mind from a problem can both calm your being and allow a solution to naturally arise from your subconscious. Whether it’s getting over a breakup or facing a tough problem at work, distracting yourself with something soothing calming yourself helps you face the crisis with confidence.

5. Gladly welcome challenges

Phil Stutz and Barry Michaels in their extraordinary book, “The Tools” calls this “The reversal of desire”…Instead of retracting from what feels painful, initiate this three step process: Shout “Bring it on!!” Then “I love pain!” Then “pain sets me free!” What happens is that you activate your inner genius and find not only courage, but solutions that would have stayed hibernating if you stayed in your anxious state. Plus it’s more fun.


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