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Before You Make That Phone Call: Check Out These Rules

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Communication is very vital aspect of any relationship or friendship. One way to stay in contact with people is via text or phone calls. Phone calls help us stay in contact with people, irrespective of the location or distance. However, seeing how important phone calls are to our daily lives, there are some unspoken rules as well as etiquettes that you should know about phone calls and I have curated a list of some.


1. Return missed calls

Source: open.spotify

Once you miss a call or two from your friends or family, you are supposed to return the call as soon as you see it. It could be an emergency that needs you urgent attention. It could also be an opportunity and if you don’t return the call then you might just be depriving yourself of a golden opportunity.


2. Don’t call more than 2/3 times except it is an emergency

Source: Digital trends

Another phone call etiquette you should know is that you shouldn’t call someone’s line more than 2/3 times except it is an emergency (very important). Sometimes it can come off as rude if you keep dialing someone’s number and the person sees about 9 missed calls and it is not an emergency.


3. Introduce yourself if you are an unknown caller

Source: Sutter health

If you are calling someone that doesn’t have your number then it is important that you introduce yourself. Do not allow the person to keep guessing who you are. Just go straight to the point by introducing yourself first. For instance “”Hello my name is Ann and I got your contact from Claire, am I speaking with….” That is a better way to start a phone conversation.


I'm definitely guilty of one. How about you? Drop your comments below. 



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