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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Again, Makinde Blows Hot Over Mischief Makers

When I came by train in 2006, I met many of them in opposition party and almost got killed on "Oroki day", I was not label anti-party!

When I spent fortunes and contested in 2007, I lost a brother and a great soul in Ojoyin street, after which i was kidnapped and cheated by the then ruling party. I was never labelled anti-party! 

When I left a very lucrative job to answer the call of politics, stood for election in 2011 and my residence was heavily attacked, 5 innocent people which includes my blood brother was brutally murdered on the altar of a church and i was lucky to be alive, there was no insinuation of anti-party!

When I served and was doing YanfunYanfun to leaders, party Chairmen and women leaders  including the construction of a complete church even as a Muslim that attracted envies and condemnation from every angles, there was no case of anti-party then! 

In 2015, when I lost election after spending great fortunes and despite evidences of many betrayals, there was no oath taking or anyone accused of anti-party!!!... 

When in the recent i served as campaign chairman for ife federal constituency and we worked at cross road with our brother and other kinsmen, we won the election for the party in our community, no one was accused of anti-party!!

We collectively fought the rerun election like lions and we won, nobody accused anyone of sabotage!!... But when our great community and I was denied reps ticket despite their "Alkawani" in 2019 in the most undaunted and satanic manner that I have ever seen in my life, they see me as the most aggrieved contestant, news of Anti this, and Anti that began to fly...Very Sad that we painfully lost the elections because of many factors  and I became the star and the talk of the town...Lets borrow ourselves a little brain...Was there a single soul so influential and powerful to have worked across those Local Governments to ensure we lost?
I, for one, thoroughly believe that no power in the universe can withhold from anyone anything they really deserve.
Let's fear God please ...

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